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Most of these parts listed are for the Northstar engine.  LS and 3800 engine parts will be listed next time (web site change).

Spark Plug Wires  $110    

These wires are 2' longer than the back of the engine, you make up the coil end. Everything is included for the crimping operation.

We have a special Crimping Tool to make the wire installation easy  $14


mvc-309s.jpg (44659 bytes)






CHRFab is the innovators of racing products for the Cadillac Northstar engine.  Here are some examples;

  • 4340 CrMo billet nitrided crankshafts
  • 4130 CrMo billet and forged rods
  • Arias forged pistons
  • Race blocks with LA Sleeves or Darton custom sleeves
  • Competition head work, big ports
  • Custom ground cams
  • HD valve springs
  • 4130 heat treated valve spring retainers
  • Cast aluminum products
  • CNC billet items
  • Dry sump pan, pumps, reservoirs, and plumbing
  • Electric water pump conversion.

The '93 to '99 engines have forged rods, cast crank and good cast pistons.   '93 to '95 engines came equipped with the OBD-1 computer which will allow the chip to be modified.  '96 to '99 engines come with the OBD-II computer which can be modified with programs like HP Tuners. 

We always start with an aftermarket computer which we taylor to the Northstar configuration.  Check them out in the computer section.

We have custom pistons, rods, cranks, cams, and other modifications such as belt driven blowers and exhaust driven turbo chargers for the Northstar 4.6L and Aurora 4.0L engines.  How much power do you want to make?

MVC-881S.JPG (51938 bytes)

A Weiand 177 supercharger on our manifold puts out 600 HP with very conservative boost of 9 psi and 525 HP at 5.5 psi.  These engines with rods, pistons, rotating assembly balance, head work, cams, springs, retainers, head studs, etc. runs approximately $18K


MVC-284S.JPG (48586 bytes)

A custom installation buy CHRF in a '32 Ford


MVC-280S.JPG (53132 bytes)

Notice the material in between the intake runners have been removed, and yes you can see the starter below the manifold!


MVC-497E.JPG (11517 bytes)

This is the Holley 256 with twin throttle bodies.  about $25K


MVC-534E.JPG (11851 bytes)

This is a 3300 Whipple supercharger installation with enough air for 20 lbs of boost, about 800 hp!  about $23K


MVC-495E.JPG (12256 bytes)

How about these shots of our latest TURBO motor? This one is totally polished!   $$$


MVC-496E.JPG (11993 bytes)

Another pic of this turbo engine.


MVC-880S.JPG (54860 bytes)

Here's our manifold bored for port fuel injectors and using a 1000 cfm throttle body. 




We feature Arias pistons only.  The come with any compression ratio, HD pins, locks, and rings: $1220.00


We offer two different rod packages.  Eagle H beam 4130 with ARP bolts are for engines up to 1000 HP. The custom cnc 4130 Crower rods with even larger ARP bolts shown above are for serious HP.

Eagle set of 8:  $600.00

Crower Sportsman, set of 8:  $935.00

Crower cnc for extreme horse power, set of 8 : $2360.00


Water plates/SS bolts:  $130    polished add $20


Remote Oil Filter Kit

    We use the System 1 oil filter and adaptor.  This kit will work on street rods, but sand cars need the System 1 oil filter and adaptor.  This unit uses 12AN lines and fittings.  Call for pricing and information.


Remote Oil Plate

The cnc plate for the side of the engine/SS bolts:  $91   polished add $15 Comes with 3/4" NPT threads for use with 10AN or 12AN fittings.  Performance engines must use 12AN lines and fittings on the oil system.




MVC-031S.JPG (26309 bytes)

Front Cover

This is our cnc aluminum front cover.  It uses the factory gasket.

Unpolished cover/SS bolts:  $220         Polished add $50




We can provide you with all of the factory GM bearings, oil manifold, seals, etc. for your build.  Call for pricing.


ARP Head Studs

This takes 20 ea. studs, washers and 12-point nuts:  $360        

Time-certs, if you want to install them yourself:  $3.50 ea.


Cometic Head Gaskets

These are three layered gaskets exactly like NASCAR engines use: $190





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