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Street Rodder, Sand Car & Kit Car   PRICING

Cast Aluminum Single 4 barrel  $525                         drilled for fuel injectors, add  $160

Fabricated/carbs  $1,900

Fabricated/F.I.  $2,200

All sensors, injectors, fuel pumps, etc. for fuel  injection, Call for pricing

We are a stocking distributor for Holley Fuel Systems

  • Fuel pumps

  • Regulators

  • fuel rails

  • Pre and Post filters

  • Injectors

The 300hp Northstar engine has 19lb/hr injectors and these will barely support 300hp at 100% duty cycle. 

  • 24 lb/hr  supports 385 hp

  • 30                        480

  • 36                        575

  • 42                        670

  • 48                        765

  • 66                        1050

  • 120                      1900

We have the NEW Holley fuel pumps, filters, and regulators in stock.

NOTE:  All Holley products are available from CHRF, we are a warehouse distributor for;

  • Holley products

  • Earls

  • Hooker

  • NOS

  • Weiand

  • Demon fuel systems




We fabricate sheet metal manifolds for the enthusiast who wants something different.  Take a look at the July, 2000 cover of HOT ROD magazine for one example of our fuel injection manifold.  Each fabricated manifold is different in design, so your ride will be unique.  Hand fabricated manifolds are designed for either carburetors or fuel injection.

For you who want the simplicity of a carburetor, we  have our single plane four barrel cast manifold ready.  A 600 or 650 cfm carb will run the best for the cruiser and you can run up to an 850 cfm carb for performance applications.  Be sure you don't restrict the air intake with an air cleaner that does not flow the air required for your application.  Use this formula found in K&N's literature to size your air filter element.

 MVC-867S.JPG (30657 bytes)  

Start of the new blower manifold. We use this for the 177 and 256 Weiand blowers.

A 671 is almost finished and pics of the installation forthcoming.                                          

 MVC-899S.JPG (61728 bytes)              

        Fabricated dual quad manifold

MVC-003L.JPG (116504 bytes)              New cast aluminum intake



MVC-906S.JPG (114839 bytes)             CNC machining operation for cast manifold

This new manifold has the injector bosses cast into the runner.  We are working with Holley on using their 1000 cfm throttle body and computer system to make a good performing simple F.I setup.



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