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Cam Covers, New Style with double bump or Old Hemi style. Comes with SS Allen head bolts.

          $450.00 per set Unpolished

          $650.00 per set Polished

Stock FI Manifold Top Cover

          $300.00 Unpolished

          $360.00 Polished

Cam Covers & Top Cover

          $695.00 Unpolished

          $930.00 Polished

Oil Filler welded to left cam cover



MVC-897E.JPG (12256 bytes)

Polished Top Cover & Hemi Cam Covers

MVC-911S.JPG (44864 bytes)

Modern Style Cam Covers

MVC-384E.JPG (11558 bytes)

Here is an NPT fitting to AN drilled and taped into the inside of the cam cover, look for the boss on the inside.






Cam Covers are available for the '93 through '99 Aurora and Northstar engines.

New style cast aluminum cam covers with a double bump that shows everyone that this is a double overhead cam engine. The stock spark wires will work with these covers, but if you move the coil pack you may want our long wire kit. See under Engines.

Nostalgia hot rodder may want the "old hemi" look cam covers for this modern engine. 

All cam covers are ready to mount using your factory  rubber o-rings from the stock cam covers. 

Covers are predrilled and come with stainless steel socket head cap screws. 

You will need to either drill the cover for your stock rubber grommets (pvc and air cleaner), or install an after market bolt-on aluminum breather, or come out of the front of the head to a breather tank or into the air intake on the stock FI manifold.  You can fill the engine oil through any of the 4  fittings on the front of the head. Just unscrew the large plastic fitting and use a 3/4" rubber hose and funnel, or we can weld on a filler to the top of one of the covers.

Cast aluminum stock F.I. cover to complement the cam covers.  Unit will bolt to the existing studs used for the plastic cover.  Comes with SS Allen head bolts and washers, and aluminum extensions.  This allows you to move the whole top cover up or down for looks and to have room underneath for wiring and other lines.   Ask about CNC engraving to set apart your ride.


MVC-915S.JPG (42984 bytes)


MVC-383E.JPG (8063 bytes)

You can also install the factory plumbing into our cam covers.

MVC-382E.JPG (8580 bytes)



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