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Street Rodder, Sand Car & Kit Car


Cams  $540.00 for the set of 4, exchange. 

We will need your cams before we will ship,

or pay $50 core charge for each cam.

Springs  $313.00 per set of 32

Retainers  $185.00 per set of 32

Shims $6.35 ea.







We offer a number of cams for the Aurora and Northstar engines. 

For the normally aspirated engines, we have 6 grinds from mild to wild.   These cams will still make enough vacuum to operate your power brakes, etc.   We also can set up the intake centerline a little differently to obtain more torque or more power.

  • 272 deg
  • 280 deg (needs valve shims)
  • 288 deg
  • 300 deg (needs valve shims)
  • 310 deg (needs valve shims)  
  • 318 deg (needs valve shims)

With any cam change, you need to replace the valve springs.   If you over rev this engine, you can grenade a lifter and thus the whole engine.   Look at the chart for the comparison over stock. 

With a change in valve springs and some head cleanup, the middle cams will put out another 75 HP over stock.

Engines setup with blowers, superchargers, or turbos need a different cam profile and centerline setup. Choose from the cams above and use at least 10 deg more duration on the intake cams for single turbo installations, and 10 deg more duration on the exhaust cams for blowers.  Twin turbo installations run on single pattern cam designs.  Turbo engines also respond well to larger cam shaft durations.

Tell us about your application.


                                       Valve Springs

                                              On the Seat        Factory Lift

                    Stock 275hp            48 lbs               98 lbs

                    300hp                      59 lbs             109 lbs

                  Ours NS180            100 lbs             180 lbs


Mvc-063x.jpg (212918 bytes)
Left head shown with springs and cams installed.