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Here are the first pics of a 671 Supercharged Northstar we built for Rick Bell.   Notice the 16 electric fuel injectors, we now build this setup that can be installed to any GMC style blower.

mvc-862e.jpg (11295 bytes)                       mvc-863e.jpg (12189 bytes)


mvc-864e.jpg (11677 bytes)                        mvc-867e.jpg (10534 bytes)


mvc-868e.jpg (12075 bytes)          mvc-869e.jpg (11744 bytes)



Next we just completed an all polished Northstar for Mori Hoover.  This one goes under the hood of a '67 Nova.

mvc-756e.jpg (11697 bytes)  mvc-762e.jpg (11987 bytes)


mvc-761e.jpg (11071 bytes)    mvc-763e.jpg (12101 bytes)


mvc-757e.jpg (11628 bytes)  mvc-758e.jpg (11987 bytes)



eric1.jpg (11518 bytes)     Here is a BIG V-6 we built a while back for my brother-in-law Eric Petersen.  It is all aluminum and is bored and stroked to 282 cu in with a 471 supercharger!



Ever seen a Corvette with a Northstar engine??  Well I hadn't either, and really wondered if the guy was ______!!  He won 8 out of 8 races with this combination though.  Tom Classon from Europe.

Anderstorp 060916.jpg (87907 bytes)


mvc-883e.jpg (11975 bytes)   This one's in a RED '32



MVC-547E.JPG (11449 bytes)

Watch out for this one! Twin turbos.

MVC-032S.JPG (34772 bytes)

Glen Dyker's Northstar powered Sand Buggy.  This will be the 6th season on this engine without a rebuild!


MVC-548E.JPG (11868 bytes)

Doug Holms from Texas runs 20 lbs of boost and is not scared to use it!!

MVC-036S.JPG (14292 bytes)

It does wheel stands too!  Stock lower end, 288 deg cams, springs and retainers.

MVC-012E.JPG (11493 bytes)

MVC-056E.JPG (11248 bytes)

  Zig's car using the small blower but up to 10 #s of boost!

MVC-321E.JPG (12244 bytes)

Lewis Cruz again

MVC-171S.JPG (49875 bytes)

CHRF custom FI intake

MVC-322E.JPG (11438 bytes)

This beauty belongs to Lewis Cruz, that's a Vortec supercharger.

MVC-872S.JPG (10966 bytes)

Twin turbo Predator car, a beauty

MVC-873S.JPG (11176 bytes)

Glen Barfknecht's Alumi Craft car, remember the Star Wars car at the Sand Show 2002?

bengine3.jpg (20017 bytes)






Roadster project by Bob Bosson

bengine2.jpg (16093 bytes)

Check out the CHRFab cast manifold with the centers removed












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