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This is our shop car designed and built in our shop.

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By the way, this car is FOR SALE.   The engine is brand new with 5 lbs of boost is 530 HP and with a different upper pulley will go to 10 lbs of boostand 650 HP. 

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Here are pictures of Jeff Howe's car with some special work in the rear!  Watch for the purple car flash by at 28 lbs. of boost, nothing is faster! 


Here are pictures of Mike Z's car.  He has since passed away and his sister and husband are now enjoying this car.



Next we have some shots of an engine for Brad Chavez's sand car.


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DSC00019.JPG (15626 bytes)


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This is the 20 gallon fuel tank.  It is moved forward for better balance of the car.  This car is not a wheeley monster!

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Twin rear radiators with side scoops.  These did excellent in our testing.  No problem cooling here! 

MVC-375E.JPG (10231 bytes)

This is the bottom of the car, well I haven't rotated the photo yet.   There is a full length aluminum skid plate in the center with thin steel side panels.

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DSC00015.JPG (14921 bytes)








New header/muffler system on Glenn's car.

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